QTRACE® Genotyping Plate

The DNAs that comprise a mixed DNA sample are analyzed using a QTRACE® Genotyping Plate and QTRACE® qPCR Master Mix, to identify all of the informative assays for the samples. An informative assay is an assay for a marker allele that is present (positive) in one individual genome and absent (negative) in the other genome.

The genotyping plate contains a duplicate set of assays: the 46 quantification assays and the reference (RNaseP) assay that serves as both a positive control and a No Template Control (NTC), pre-dispensed and dried in an optical qPCR plate. The QTRACE® qPCR Master Mix comes supplied with dUTP and UNG for built-in carryover contamination control.



The QTRACE® Genotyping Plates are packaged in air-tight, notched pouches for easy ambient storage and use. The typing protocol is a breeze. Once qPCR master mix and DNA are mixed, samples are dispensed to pre-arrayed assays in the optical plate.